Zimbabweans Evicted for Hijacking a Building, Setting Up a School, Threatening Owner

Zimbabweans Evicted for Hijacking a Building, Setting Up a School, Threatening Owner

The rate at which foreign nationals are carrying out criminal activities in South Africa is quite disturbing. Some of these immigrants are very audacious in their approach and they do not care about the consequences of their actions because the government has given them less attention.

One of the criminal practices that is happening all over the country is the issue of house hijacking often conducted by foreign nationals who move into someone’s house as a tenant and end up pursuing the landlord out of his/her building or in most scenarios, they live in someone’s house without paying the owner of the building.

In an emerging report, a South African landlord have won a court case against a Zimbabwean who hijacked his two buildings and turned it into a school. The matter has been going on for several years with no reasonable outcome.

The Zimbabwean who hijacked the building was rented an apartment to live in but subsequently, he hijacked and evicted other tenants living in the house including the landlord and established a school for himself.

But after the court order was issued yesterday, the main owner of the house in collaboration with members of operation dudula storm the location to help kick out the Zimbabwean teachers working as staff there including evacuation of their properties.

This is highly commendable and we hope that this action will be replicated in other people’s cases. Some South African house owners have lost their building to criminals especially in Johannesburg.

Source: https://twitter.com/NkunziNK/status/1580589887354376192?t=ty3qL03hJAH-YiwRve7wFw&s=19

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