“You’re Going to Die, We will Make Sure of it”- Police Tell Zimbabwean Prisoners who Killed a Cop

“You’re Going to Die, We will Make Sure of it”- Police Tell Zimbabwean Prisoners who Killed a Cop

If you say foreigners are the cause of more than 50% of the crimes that happen in South Africa, people will label you as xenophobic. There are so many people who have been trying to push for illegal foreigners to go back to their countries, but they are criticized and labeled as xenophobic by the likes of Nhlanhla Lux. Foreigners don’t respect the law; all they care about is making easy money at the expense of our lives. What is even more disturbing is that even though police are failing to control them, when police approach them, they fight back.

Recently, there is another heartbreaking story of a group of foreigners who killed a police officer. An illegal Zimbabwean gang that was harassing a village was apprehended after they shot and killed a South African Police Service Captain. This incident happened a few years ago, but those Zimbabweans are still in custody and are not on heat charges since investigations are still underway.

In a viral video that is trending on social media, a female police officer who is said to be one of the police who was shot and survived, visits those Zimbabwean in their prison cell to take out her anger towards them. She could be heard swearing at them, saying they are heartless. She went on to say they all deserve to die and she will make sure of it. “You deserve to die, and you are going to die. We will make sure of it,” she said with a very painful and enraged voice.


In response, those foreigners didn’t say anything, they just looked at her. One of them tried to take her hand from the prison cell so that he could grab her, but she moved back. It’s just clear that they don’t regret anything they did. They showed no remorse for what they had done.However, the police seem to be failing to control her anger and she’s saying things that might get her into trouble. No matter what offense one did, no one deserves to die, and she must let the law be the one to decide on their fate. After this video was posted, people conceded that police only feel moved when foreigners kill one of their own, but when it’s just an ordinary citizen, they don’t do anything.

Source: https://twitter.com/psaflive/status/1580585402225655808?s=46&t=ErZjSe4aCWcALgj_AL_5jA


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