Why! This Is The Viral Nurse Who Refused To Help A Pregnant Woman In Labor Because She Was Off Duty

Why! This Is The Viral Nurse Who Refused To Help A Pregnant Woman In Labor Because She Was Off Duty

South Africa: The tables are turning and this time around, South Africans are being affected. From turning away foreigners seeking aide, refusing to help a pregnant woman on pains. A pregnant mother almost lost her baby at Bugersfort government hospital, Limpopo, after a nurse refused to attend to her.

Her excuse was her shift was yet be start. A video of the incident is currently making waves online and Mzansi are furious. Here are some comments made in reaction to the incident;

I remember Malema’s words: when we finished to treat foreigners badly then we are going to treat each other same way we were treating them.

The nurse must be left alone, where is Phophi who set up the schedule.The retail store open at 7h00am and that it’s no blur! blur! blur! it’s the scheduled time and its the policy so where is the problem.The nurse in question can not be disciplined for something that happened before she reported on duty ok! She was off duty and it’s the rule, policies and procedures or else if she has attended and it goes wrong, why did she attended the patient before she report on duty?

The government refused to increase salaries. The workers are depressed, failing to survive. Prices are very high compared to their salaries. Almost all government employees are depressed due to the fact that their salaries can’t match their basic needs costs.

I assume she no longer believes in her nurses’ oath, even by turning away foreigners nurses fail their sworn oath:

I solemnly commit myself to serving humanity and will do my best to practice my profession with conscience and dignity.


I will uphold the honor and great tradition of my profession using every means at my disposal.

My patients’ overall health will be my main priority.

All personal information that comes to my attention will be kept strictly confidential.

I will not allow religion, nationality, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing to come between my obligation and my patient.

I shall always have the utmost regard for human life.

I make these pledges solemnly, freely, and on the basis of my honor.

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