You’ll Be Sh0cked By Who Joined The ANC Today

You’ll Be Sh0cked By Who Joined The ANC Today

There can be a myriad of reasons to explain a political leader’s decision to swap one political home for another, in recent times, when members of jump ships particularly to the ANC, they justify it by referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership of the party, which supposedly seeks to bring a new normal as mainly the reason, but as analysts, we certainly look beyond just that.

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With the eagerly-awaited local government elections 2 days away from taking place, the ANC in the Eastern Cape – Nelson Mandela Bay to be precise – has received a much-needed boost, this after they welcomed high-profile former United Democratic Movement -(UDM) members, Xoliswa Bobani and Thandoxolo Setsetse.

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Quite curiously but interesting is the fact that these are not just ordinary members, particularly Bobani who joined the UDM in 1997. She is the wife of the late Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Mongameli Bobani who died from complications related to the Covid-19 disease in 2020.

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Her pedigree in local politics around Nelson Mandela Bay is certainly going to play an integral role in the ANC’s attempt to wrestle back the power it lost to a Democratic Alliance-led coalition in 2016.

Similarly, Setsetse was a regional executive committee member for the UDM, and he is no slouch in politics, which is why the ANC is drooling at the possibility of emerging victorious.


It remains unclear what led to the two members deciding to jump ships at virtually the eleventh hour, but one feels the ANC gravy train could have played a role in them deciding to jump on.


This will certainly strike a massive blow to the UDM leader Bantubonke Holomisa because the Eastern Cape is historically their stomping ground, where they can claim to have a considerable amount of support. If ever they hold ambition of winning a municipality, it is in that particular part of the country where this dream can manifestly come into existence


What do you think could have been the main reason for the duo to jump ships at this critical time?

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