You will not believe how principal Thobagale is in real life..

You will not believe how principal Thobagale is in real life..

The majority of people are familiar with her from Skeem Saam as Thobagke, a single mother who will go to any length to defend her kid and a demanding principle who wants nothing more than a 100 percent passing grade at a school.

However, in real life, Elizabeth Serunya is a laid-back person who enjoys jokes and leads a simple life; when she is at home, she usually dresses in her all-stars. She has been in the industry for decades, and many people may recognize her from the comedy television show Moferefere Lenyalong, in which she played the role of Mapaseka.

When one compares all of the characters that Elizabeth Serunya has played, one can see how talented she is. I mean, she can do anything from crack jokes to being one of the most feared principals in the school.

One thing that many people are unaware of is that she is also a gospel singer; if that does not qualify as multi-talent, I don’t know what does.

People want to know everything about you when you work in the entertainment world, which makes it difficult, but I have never had an unpleasant experience with Elizabeth, which indicates that she values privacy in her personal life.

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