Lerato Kganyago Opening a can of worms on Zinhle wedding not invited: claims

Lerato Kganyago Opening a can of worms on Zinhle wedding not invited: claims

You’re telling your side of the story, and it’s half-truth,’ Lerato Kganyago stated, referring to DJ Zinhle’s recent comments.

DJ Zinhle claims she was ignored from her wedding day, and Lerato Kganyago has responded.

Zinhle made the shocking remarks during a teaser interview with Toke Makwinwa, a Nigerian media personality. She claims in it that Lerato “forgot” to invite her to her wedding last year.

LKG, on the other hand, has publicly refuted her friend’s statements, stating that Zinhle told a “half-truth.

For her Honey TV show, Talk With Toke Makinwa, DJ Zinhle sat down with the Nigerian TV broadcaster.

Toke questions Zinhle why she didn’t attend Lerato Kganyago’s wedding to billionaire Thami Ndlala last year in the 30-second film teaser.

Zinhle and Lerato were well-known for their friendship. However, their long-distance friendship has recently fueled speculation that their relationship is in trouble.

“For one, I had no idea she was getting married, and for two, she forgot to invite me,” Zinhle admitted candidly.

Zinhle also hinted at talking about her “crazy” thirties and her love life, which we think is about Bongani Murdah Bongz Mahosana, the father of her child.

When Toke, who is closest friends with Bonang Matheba, questioned Zinhle if she would ever be friends with her opponent, the teaser ended on a cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, Lerato Kganyago spilled all the beans in a chat with MagG on his Podcast And Chill podcast.

She claimed to have sent DJ Zinhle an invitation, but it was for a lunch, not a wedding.

“It wasn’t even a wedding, it was just a celebration,” she told MacG. “I still didn’t have my traditional wedding, I still didn’t have a white wedding, it was just a celebration.

Zinhle did not answer to Lerato’s DM, which Lerato considered as a “sign” that she was not coming.

Zinhle was then chastised by her for telling her a “half-truth.” “When she answered the question, she opened a can of worms,” she continued. You’re giving your side of the story, which is only half-true. People are going to start speculating now, and as friends, we’re trying to stay in a nice place.

“There is no such thing as perfection. I’m not calling myself a perfect friend, and she’s not either.

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DJ Zinhle “opened a bag of worms” when she disclosed her half-truth/side of the tale about her acquaintance with Lerato Kganyago.

Lerato Kganyago also intimated that things were not going well in her group of friends, which includes Pearl Thusi, Moozlie, and DJ Zinhle, according to public knowledge.

“At the time, because my friendship with all of the other girls was a bit of a mess, she was the only one I invited, because she is my girl, and I’ve always been devoted to her and I’ll always be loyal to her,” she stated.

“I took a step back from everything else.

Zinhle hasn’t responded to Lerato’s allegations yet.


Opening a can of worms’: LKG on Zinhle wedding snub claims


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