White boy attacks black girl and this happens

White boy attacks black girl and this happens

A video was recently posted online of an assault that went wrong. In the video a white boy can be seen assaulting a black girl while being encouraged by his peers. The girl is visibly nervous, which is reasonable considering she is defending against a boy. The boy punches the girl, he then proceeds to swing at her as she somehow evades the punches before going underneath him to lift him up and slam him to the ground.

She jumps on top of him and proceeds to punch him in the face while he tries to block with his arms. The girl becomes frustrated by his blocking attempts so she stands up and stomps him in the head savagely. His friends push her off him as she continues to stomp him repeatedly.


It’s sad to think a group of boys stood by and took videos while a boy was assaulting a girl only to jump in when she successfully defends herself. This assaut should have never happened.

What do you guys think?

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