Zims would Rather be Waiters, Gardeners and Delivery Guys in SA Than Go Back Home and Fight – Kwena

Zims would Rather be Waiters, Gardeners and Delivery Guys in SA Than Go Back Home and Fight – Kwena

The people of South Africa are no longer comfortable with the persistent stay of Zimbabwean nationals in South Africa. Zimbabwean nationals have been staying in SA and also depriving citizens of different opportunities meant for them and this has brought about the altercation existing between Zimbabweans and SA citizens.

We would recall that Zimbabwean nationals have been asked to leave by South Africans ever since the Zimbabwe exemption permit ended in December 2021. The permit was issued to illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe to enable them live and work in South Africa for a period of four years after which there are expected to leave.

But, ever since the permit ended the beneficiaries of the permit have shown little or no interest in moving back to their country.

In an emerging report, a South African lady known as Kwena Molekwa on Twitter have chastised Zimbabweans for refusing to take responsibility for the predicaments faced by their country.

She argued that Zimbabweans would rather remain waiters, delivery guys and gardeners in South Africa than go back home to fight for the restoration of Zimbabwe.

She wondered why an activist like Hopewell Chinono would be begging grown men and women to do the right thing by going back home and register to vote in the forthcoming election.

According to her exact statement on Twitter:

“It’s pretty awful what Zimbabweans have reduced themselves to be. Zimbabweans would rather be waiters, garden boys, delivering guys forever in RSA, than go home and fight for their country! Now Hopewell must beg grown men and women to do Right for their Country”.

Source: https://twitter.com/Ruraltarain_2/status/1588251496508006400?t=Ngm0Hac6eQUA0a8g8h4bfQ&s=19

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