What Foreigners are doing to South Africans in their countries: will leave you in tears

What Foreigners are doing to South Africans in their countries: will leave you in tears


South African countries have been more way than hospitable and benevolent to African foreigners. We don’t know how old you are by now, but back then in the early days of our freedom people from Mozambique and Zimbabwe used to come to South Africa to sell things to us, also they used that opportunity to ask South Africans clothes for them to sell back home. But those foreigners still today don’t appreciate what South Africans were doing to them.

If we look on another side South Africa is the only country in the world where illegal foreigners are protected by politicians. South African’s are nothing compared to foreigners in South African. But those illegal foreigners when we arrive in their own countries, they turn back to us. Like people from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, etc. Now there’s a lady who goes by a name of Khomotso Talane who she is in Mozambique and trusts her how South Africans treat foreigners is amazing. She can’t wait to go back home today. Because the government in Mozambique and police are so rude and it should be addressed.

Foreigners are monitored everywhere in the world except for Satafrika! Look at how Poland is dealing with illegal immigrants and human rights, but in SA our Country’s Laws (constitution) are undermined for Humanitarian Policies. We want the Rule of Law in SA without a label. Because Mozambique police officers are worse when you are a South African. They will force you to pay bribes for nothing or you might get arrested. They are corrupt to the core. The Africanism preached here in South Africa is not available here. When you are a foreigner you are the target in Mozambique. We think the South African nation should stop supporting Julius Malema who is busy promoting lawlessness that is done by illegal foreigners in our country. He and his family are living in gated areas with security 24/7 stop supporting his nonsense. Illegal foreigners are destroying South Africa.


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