Well Known South African Artist Dies: After Being Assaulted At A Popular Bank


Well Known South African Artist Dies: After Being Assaulted At A Popular Bank

It was a case of hearing sad news every week about another artist losing their lives, and every week it was a case of people sending their condolences to the artist’s family. Some of them died due to long-term illnesses, some of them died in accidents, and some of them died due to the Coronavirus.

Sadly, another well-known artist has lost their life. Nhlakanipho “Sir Ronnius” Gumede was a gqom artist. Gqom is the South African music genre that is popular in gqom parts of the country, especially in KwaZulu-Natal. The 24-year old lost his life in a very gruesome manner. He was assaulted at a popular bank. His brother shared how he lost his life at the popular bank after being assaulted by a security guard for just asking a question.

His brother said after he came back from one of his daughters’ deaths, I asked him to go and deposit some money for his mother, which was R1000. He went to deposit the money, but his father later contacted him and told him it was only R500. When he returned to the bank and tried to ask if a mistake had been made, instead of receiving the proper assistance every customer should get, He was forced out of the bank by security, who in turn assaulted him. The bank first called his brother to confirm if he knew him, and he said yes he did. Then he called his brother but did not pick him up. When he went there, he found him in a pool of blood.

On the way to the hospital, he did not survive, and the security was later arrested. The bank stated that it was sad to hear what happened at one of their branches. It is sad to see how many young, talented people are losing their lives.

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