Viewers react to a man who wants his late brother’s belongings on Mamazala

Viewers react to a man who wants his late brother’s belongings on Mamazala

Mamazala is a show on Moja Love hosted by Dingaan Khumalo. He aims to help people with problems that have to do with their in-laws. The issues usually start once a husband passes on and leaves his wife and children unprotected. Last will and final testaments are never involved
This leaves the door wide open for the in-laws to dominate.

I have heard way too many stories like this before in my life. A woman having to deal with her husband’s brothers wanting to take his cars and properties under the guise of “protecting his legacy”. It’s a tale as old as time and frustrating to witness.

This week’s episode had a belligerent man shouting at his wife’s widow about how she would not be forgiven. Only to find that he was the one who took his brother’s cars and was refusing to part with them. Can you believe he even threatened to hit her as the cameras were rolling?

Social Media Response
People were naturally displeased to witness and knew that he was acting horribly only for the car

One user wrote, “This one must learn from his brother and go work and buy his own car, you can see he even controls his mother, even threatening to slap this woman. #mamazala”

While another user wrote, “#mamazala this one doesn’t want to fix this situation coz he will lose the car!”

One user noted, “No wonder Oupa doesn’t want to answer Dingaan’s questions he’s using the brother’s car…🤭 #Mamazala”

A final user wrote, “The brother looks like a thief already. #mamazala”

It was clear once the brother entered the room that the cars were his focus. He didn’t attempt to hide it in the slightest. I hate that the children of a deceased man have to watch the other side of their family refuse to give them their dues. It is a disappointing situation.

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Source: Mamazala on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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