Unathi relationship rumors are false, according to Prince Kaybee: 

Unathi relationship rumors are false, according to Prince Kaybee:


Prince Kaybee rubbishes Unathi dating rumours

Prince Kaybee has undoubtedly been creating a diverse range of elements of late. From conflicts to the fascinating intrigue surrounding Hazel Mahazard. The well-known DJ has been moving late after pleasant images with Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi inundated online media in the build-up to these concerts.

Later, photographs of Prince Kaybee embracing and becoming acquainted with Unathi on Twitter overtook internet media. Kaybee anticipated to clear up any confusion once Mzansi realized he was dating Unathi. Kaybee has categorically rejected the difficult bits of tattle and demanded nothing more than a hug. He even demonstrated that Unathi was her senior kin.

Unathi has yet to join in on the conversation that has seen her involved in a business venture with Kaybee.

The effervescent individual has been having a fantastic time in Cape Town during the joyous celebration, and her pounding body has left many people moved. Unathi was even seen in Cape Town with American rapper Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, better known by his stage as Jidenna.

She is in desperate need of a break after a successful year of performance. The adored media personality was fired from Kaya 959 radio station for sad behavior after an altercation with co-host Sizwe Dlomo. Her incidents were ruined when she was eliminated in the eleventh round of the GQ awards.

Regardless of what has been mentioned, word on the street is that the two are working on another project that will be shelved soon. Accepting that it will be significant, we are working diligently to keep things under control for the assignment.

In any event, if we win big in 2021, we’d be willing to accept that Prince Kaybee kept the elements for some unacceptable purposes for the first half of the year. When he insisted on a five-year contract with solo DJ Hazel Mahazard, he immobilized Mzansi. It’s worth noting that Kaybee introduced Mahazard to her trustworthy love as a custom tailor.

Mahazard eventually becomes a 27-year-old DJ who moonlights as a YouTuber and a force to be reckoned with. Her big break came when she revealed a shocking detail about her five-year relationship with Kaybee.

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