The State Capture Report Is Out, See Who Is Guilty, Download The Document Here

The State Capture Report Is Out, See Who Is Guilty, Download The Document Here



After many years of the state capture inquiry

and people trying to find out who was actually guilty of stealing a lot of money, the results are finally out. The state capture report was handed to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022. Although it’s not the entire report, it is only the first part of it. It is said that three more parts are still coming to complete this whole thing.


As promised by President Cyril Ramaphosa decided to release the full part 1 of the state capture report to the public. this report is a whole 800 pages that fully details the findings of the state capture inquiry. This part talks about South African Airways and everyone who was involved in bringing it down.

All the suspect’s testimonials are mentioned and Raymond Zondo fully concludes who might be wrong, who is guilty and who is innocent. For the first time in a long time, South Africans will get to read for themselves what was the outcome of the state capture at the same time that the president reads it. This is one of the first times in South African democracy that such transparency happens.


The whole country was worried that president Cyril Ramaphosa might remove some information before giving it out to the public but everyone’s surprise release date as soon as he received it. It is evident that he did not read the w

hole hundred pages by now but he wants to read it alongside many South Africans who are also worried about the country just like him.

Below is a link to fully download part 1 of the state capture and read it for yourself:

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