Sad news: Blood brother of a man who allegedly burned parliament releases 

Sad news: Blood brother of a man who allegedly burned parliament releases

When the story of the most trending man in the meantime, Zandile Mafe came into the media many of the South Africans didn’t care and bother asking about his family. No one asked about his home or where he comes from. His big blood brother finally spoke out and released something about him

Each and every person, before becoming a street kid, there are obviously places where they come from and where they have been staying from time to time, that’s how it always I’d most of the times. He also had home and just decided to leave home at some point.

All people have characters and things which they are known for all the time. Even though in the court of law they don’t judge based on that, but each and every person has that character in their lives and wherever they are staying, that’s how it is all the time and in most cases.

According to the words coming from his brother he is a very quiet person. This can also be the reason he is on the streets, maybe it is caused by the fact that so many of the people who can’t speak out, don’t have people to share their problems with all the time. That’s how it is.

This also in the meantime raises so many questions about his family. On how and why can a family leave one of its own to be stranded on the streets, those are the questions to be asked and posed all the time in all situations, very much key and important all the time.

I think South Africans should Join hands in assisting this fellow in ensuring that he has proper shelter ans better life of his own after this case, that’s how it must be all the time. The man left home in 2004. Long time indeed.

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