Tsonga lady living her best married life in London, here’s how she does it

Tsonga lady living her best married life in London, here’s how she does it

Life is a gift and at every chance given you should live it to the fullest for this beautiful black young lady she seems to be having it all as a princess. She is married to the best husband as it seems on social media her husbands name is Chris and they have two daughters Sana and Katlego its very beautiful how she did not change her daughters origin names as she is from from South Africa Johannesburg and married to a white man.


She still maintains her African nature life and still name her children the South African names, she recently posted a picture of her and her youngest daughter as she shows how she breastfeed her. She even captioned the picture that not a lot of people breastfeed their children in public but for her it’s something normal she grew up seeing that so really for her nothing has changed.

Here is a picture of her breastfeeding her kid at the sand kind beach she posted this picture on Instagram as she shares her lifestyle with the media. Here is the picture.

This is very beautiful as she is also an influencer and she dances very well too and she’s kind of a celebrity for many as her life is kind of a fairy tale for many. She and her husband are a team and really when you talk about love that’s what they have an honest and amazing love. Here is a picture of them.




Here are some comments from Instagram from one of the pictures they posted and people were showing some love and some good lovely views.

Source :Instagram social media platform

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