Suspect Arrested For Pointing Firearm At The Councillor

Suspect Arrested For Pointing Firearm At The Councillor

This guy has allegedly been taken for questioning by the police for pointing Councillor Marema with a gun, it is clear that the suspect was basically trying to terrorize the community members and the police wouldn’t him to do such a horrible crime in the community. So they had to stop him before he took his crime to the next level by terrorizing the people in the area, because the suspects had to be stopped so that the community members can be very safe in their own towns

It is such a good thing that the police were able to arrest a suspect and ensure that he was stopped from committing these horrible crimes, because this is definitely something previous unacceptable new cannot have a situation that many people have. It definitely has to be prevented to ensure that we can be in such as situation, and the police can do something about this sort of program in order to stop it whatever it takes to ensure that this is the case.

Come stances behind this it’s going to be investigated by the police for them to come to the bottom of this because they cannot allow crime from the ordinary members of the public to be perpetrated, because it is also affecting other people’s lives create a bigger problem for everyone it is much better in the country.

The police are going to take the car for Ballistics testing to see if it is not connected to other crimes that have been committed in the area, you know that to ensure that they can prevent this criminal activities from happening because this is the only way that we can do so.

The counsellor was fearing for his life at that moment because he thought that he was being assassinated, however at this point it turns out that the man had simply pointed the firearm without shooting and a lot people wonder why he did that.

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