Shona And Connie’s Biggest Flop That Nobody Wants To Talk About:Opinion

Shona And Connie’s Biggest Flop That Nobody Wants To Talk About:Opinion

This is an opinion based piece, on things that everyone can possibly witness. People may shy away from talking about this, but this is what I think.

Shona and Connie Ferguson worked so hard to build their empire, and finally be recognized as not just South Africa’s most loved couple, but business partners in love.

One cannot take away their talents, and it goes without saying that the two of them loved being on the screen. We first got to know them as actors before producers. They only became producers after being in the industry for longer.

Their production company has produced some of the most loved shows in South Africa with no doubt. In most of their productions, they played leading roles. These are some of the roles that cannot be replaced. On shows that Shona Ferguson played leading roles on. It means they will no longer be brought back for other seasons. He cannot be replaced, and it just wouldn’t make sense.

When it comes to the Queen, Connie plays a leading role. She has now taken time off as she is in mourning. Her role was set to have a romantic partner. That might be crushed off the script too, as it might be seen as disrespectful to her late husband.


In my opinion, others should learn from this. If they only put their focus on producing. Then most shows would still go on without interruptions. In that way, their legacy would live through forever and ever. This is not to discredit the work they have done, but it might assist other aspiring producers out there to never repeat the same mistakes again. The two paved the way for many young African producers. However, we should always learn from the mistakes of those who come before us. There should not be any effects on your legacy when you depart from this earth. Therefore, find ways to prevent that from happening. Script writers should not have to rework on the scripts in order to allow things that are currently happening in your personal life to not be affected. You are welcome to leave comments of your thoughts without insults.

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