Shocking: Woman left people in shock after she posted a meal she made for her husband.

Shocking: Woman left people in shock after she posted a meal she made for her husband.

Nowadays, almost every woman must be able to prepare a meal from scratch. When she marries a man, they want to know if she can cook or not. Men have an innate urge to have their wives prepare meals for them.

Cooking is not a skill possessed by all women. People who were never taught to cook as children may not know how to do it now. Because cooking is tedious for some women, there are those who simply do not enjoy it.

The reaction of the audience when a woman detailed a dish she had made from scratch for her husband was nothing short of amazing. She wrote this on her Facebook page: “Mavu had his wish granted. Because of my presence in his life, he is really thankful.

When a dish of bird blood and feathers arrived at the table, it appeared like the meal’s server had killed the bird with her bare hands.

It didn’t seem very tasty in spite of all the work and effort that went into prepping and slicing the chicken. As a result of overcooking, no chicken component could be recognised by its name.

Why force him to swallow the meat when he’s teething?” That’s all I’ll be able to get to for the time being. This is what one Twitter user had to say about the matter.


Mavu’s unconventional cooking methods sparked a lot of speculation about whether she was a genuine person or a dog. Some people even thought she’d substituted chicken feathers for the meat when they thought she’d cooked the meal.

No one seemed impressed with the food served and even felt sorry for the chicken, who had died for no reason, according to the crowd’s reactions.

After viewing this sight, even the rest of the table assumed Mavu had finished his meal and began tossing bones back into the pot. Aside from its look, the pot appeared to be new.


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