RIP Look what happened to these 2 matric pupils in KZN on Saturday?

RIP Look what happened to these 2 matric pupils in KZN on Saturday?


Nqobile Zulu and Minenhle Buthelezi, both in their final year of high school, were murdered at their home on Saturday night.

What did two graduates of Ginyane High School do to deserve such horrible deaths?

This is the question that the family and friends of Nqobile Zulu and Minenhle Buthelezi, who were attacked in their rented home near their school in Madzikane village, southern KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday night, are asking.

The adolescents were cut with an axe. Buthelezi’s body was carried about 5 kilometers away and left in a ditch, while Zulu was left for dead in the home.

On Sunday, while being taken to a local hospital, Zulu perished. Buthelezi’s body was recovered Tuesday morning after a search by community members.

The 88-year-old owner of the cottage where the two girls lived stated that the incident occurred while she was in the main home.

She stated that another youngster who resided in a different portion of the cottage received a terrifying message warning of an impending attack.

This hut was shared by Nqobile Zulu and Minenhle Buthelezi in the Madzikane settlement near Ixopo on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

Memela reported that on Saturday night, someone knocked on their door and cut the electricity to one of the villas. It is thought that the attacker got access to the girl’s cottage at this time.

Later, a bleeding doek belonging to the Zulu was discovered in the backyard.

She stated that in a recent unconnected event, two armed guys attempted to make trouble in the area but were met with the full fury of the community.

“These men had invaded the community with the intent of murdering its inhabitants.” I wish the community had responded as quickly,” Memele remarked.

When the two girls knocked on Memela’s door early this year, seeking housing close to their school, she was at first hesitant to take them under her wing.

“I was on the fence since, whenever I have female tenants, there are usually boys loitering outside the residence, vying for their attention.”

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