Shocking! Popular Nollywood Actor Kabiri Fubara Is Dead

Shocking! Popular Nollywood Actor Kabiri Fubara Is Dead

Kabiri Fubara, a prominent Nollywood actor who was also the husband of Yolanda Okereke, a successful Nollywood

fashion entrepreneur, has reportedly passed away.

The news of his death was confirmed on Wednesday by his deceased sister Aya Eneli, who shared the news on her Twitter page.

Karibi Fubara, who passed away recently, posed for a snapshot while he was still alive:

“My brother, Karibi Fubara, has been accepted into the ancestral world,” she wrote in her tweet. It has left me feeling extremely grieved, but not hopeless”.

“He lived his life to the fullest and with the greatest enjoyment. He left behind a significant amount of work. Will be a powerful ancestor in the future. “I’m madly in love with you.”

“He used to be a fighter, but now he’s an angel in paradise.” The late Kabiri Fubara’s sister composed the letter.

Fubara rose to fame after his performance in the film ‘Before 30’ established him as one of Nollywood’s most promising actors. The Nollywood actor, on the other hand, revealed in 2020 that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Fans and admirers have left a number of heartfelt condolence messages and heartbreaking ‘RIP’ notes on his Instagram account in his memory.


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