Khanyi Mbau’s daughter is reportedly pregnant. Mzansi reacts at her age and Khanyi being gogo

Khanyi Mbau’s daughter is reportedly pregnant. Mzansi reacts at her age and Khanyi being gogo


Khanyi recently posted on Instagram about how she and her family took the time to celebrate her father’s beautiful birthday. It’s been a year since they lost their father, and friends, fans, and industry colleagues have taken the time to express their condolences and strength to the family.

Khanyi’s half-brother, social media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, also took to Twitter to post a video of the complete family posing for a portrait during their weekend together.

What has emerged from the film, as you can see in the video below, is an unhappy Khanyi’s daughter, Khanukani, also known as Cannes.

Cannes is seen in the video attempting to hide her tummy, and now, tweeps are speculating that Khanyi Mbau is about to become a ‘gogo.’ While some speculate that she was simply self-conscious about her appearance, Twitter users are convinced that Cannes is pregnant.

Whether it’s a rumor or not, it appears that this news isn’t sitting well with supporters. Many others believe Cannes is still a child and that she cannot be expecting a child so soon. Others have echoed this sentiment, claiming that she may have eaten too much that day and that her tummy looks larger than usual as a result.

Khanyi has returned to the country after spending time in Dubai with her lover, Kudzai, and has been spending quality time with her daughter. Many people were enamored by the two’s wonderful mother and daughter bond while getting their nails done or going to the hair shop.

Khanyi also made the internet go crazy the other day during one of their dates when she left the house without her eyelashes and blamed it on Cannes.

While many were snubbing Khanyi for her never-ending drama, the rest of Mzansi was swooning over how adorable the whole thing was.

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There is a full video of where Cannes is clearly seen trying to hide her tummy alleged to be a baby bump. Follow the link below to watch.


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