Sadness: See What This Boy Wrote Before He Killed Himself For Being Accused Of Rape by His Classmate

Sadness: See What This Boy Wrote Before He Killed Himself For Being Accused Of Rape by His Classmate

There is a rumor that is going around about a young man who decided to hang himself after he was wrongfully accused of raping a fellow student. It has been reported that a student at Kriel Hoerskool in Mpumalanga, South Africa, hanged himself in the classroom and died in the morning while others were praying; the body of the kid was discovered in the classroom after prayer had concluded. People have written reports, which the police have not verified, but according to those reports, he killed himself because of a girl at school who had accused him of something.

These reports have not been confirmed by the police. He has been accused of raping her and has even allegedly written a statement declaring his innocence before committing himself. Unfortunately, after he was recovered, the young lady admitted that she was joking. Before he killed himself, he left a very heartbreaking letter saying that he’s innocent of the things he’s being accused of. On the latter, he even cursed her, saying that He will never rest in peace because of the things she did to him.

He further told his mother not to cry because he was resting. His letter is very heartbreaking; just by reading it, you can tell that his heart was in pain. What even made it worse is that no one believed her when he said he was innocent. Since his letter was sound, the lady was taken to a safe place because they didn’t want the community to attack her for the heartless things she did. See the letter below:


The authorities have been spreading the word to the general public that violence based on gender is a very serious crime that should not be taken lightly. Rape is a very serious crime, and those who are convicted of it face very severe penalties. In my view, the boy is not to blame for what happened. Because he realized that he couldn’t be punished for something that wasn’t his fault, he made the decision to take his own life. If being accused of a crime you are innocent of causes you tremendous agony but you are unable to establish your innocence, then may your soul rest in peace, boy.


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