Sadness! Family That Travel To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Died In An Car Accident

Sadness! Family That Travel To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Died In An Car Accident


Death be not proud, it’s sad what is happening in the road. Each day we read sad stories about car accidents happening on a road, but we have never come across this kind of scary accident that took the loves of the whole family. The year 2022 has been a difficult year whereby many accidents have been reported on the road.

Many people have been warned not to travel as a whole family in one car. We have come to realize that it’s very dangerous to travel long distances using public transport. May have been suggesting that referent cars is better than using the same car.

There is a sad article which is currently circulating on social media which has left many people heartbroken. Mzansi has been sending their condolences to the family which has been reported to have been involved in an accident. Mzansi has wake-up with sad tragedy that took the life of the six family.

According to source Zambia accurate information, the family a family which travelled to a lodge to celebrate New Year died in a car accident. The pictures of the accident which are currently making the rounds on social media whereby it have now been seen by millions of people.



It seems like the car which they were travelling with collided with another car. A lot of people have been sending their condolences to their families and friends.

Let’s send our condolences to the family and friends during this difficult time. Let’s cover them in our prayers as they continue to mourn their loved ones.

Don’t leave this page without saying Rest In Peace.

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