Tears: Their house got burned into ashes while they were at church (PHOTOS)

Tears: Their house got burned into ashes while they were at church (PHOTOS)

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South Africa is currently facing the challenge of load shedding for months. As a consequence, many people are losing their businesses due to loadshedding and it is affecting people’s life in a negative way.

A family from Venda outside Thohoyandou started a new year with bad news after their house was burnt down into issues following the load-shedding that was happening in the area. According to the reports, The family went to church for new year crossover, only to find out the shock of their lives when they come back to find out that their house in ashes.

It has been reported that the left electricity switches plugged on and went to church. By the time they all off to church, the was a loadshedding in the place. When the electricity comes back the switched on plug caught fire and destroy the house completely.

The 10 room house can be seen completely destroyed. According to the post, nothing came out of the house. Everything that was inside the house was burned. The family also plead with people to health where they can in the situation as they have nowhere to go.

Author opinion

It is very heartbreaking to see such a well furnished and complete house to be destroyed In one night due to the government incompetence of loadshedding. Many people lives continue to be destroyed by loadshedding. An advice to people is that, They should unplug all the appliances during loadshedding and wait for electricity to come back before they can switch them on. See what people are saying on the comment section.


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