Breaking: The last call the family received from their daughters was that they were in Boksburg & burning

Breaking: The last call the family received from their daughters was that they were in Boksburg & burning

When a Kwazulu Natal family received a frantic call from two family members; saying they were in Boksburg and burning; they must have felt very confused because the news had not yet broken out; in order for them to understand what their daughters meant.

However; a few days later they were forced to send the women’s brother; to Johannesburg; in Gauteng; to look for his sisters; this after both did not arrive home for Christmas.

Families and community gather at Boksburg Civic Centre to pay homage to loved ones who lost their lives following the Boksburg gas truck explosion on December 24. Picture: Gauteng Province

Mondli Mkhize; is desperate to find his two sisters; who the family suspects may have died in the Boksburg explosion. This after the family had last received a message from the women; on the eve of Christmas.

Mkhize left Kwazulu Natal for Gauteng; with just the clothes on his back; he is determined to find his sisters; who he says; are breadwinners back home.

The sisters are suspected to have been victims of the Boksburg tanker explosion; which has killed 35 people so far.

According to Mkhize; in his conversation with a local newspaper; the last scary call the family received from his sisters; informed them that they were in Boksburg and they were burning.

The explosion has led to the deaths of 11 health-care workers; from a nearby hospital; which was affected by the explosion that occurred near the hospital.

The explosion; which has become the most talked about incident on 24 December 2022; occurred following a tanker becoming stuck under a bridge; which led to the release of liquefied petroleum gas; that exploded into an inferno; that burned people alive.

Mkhize is desperate to find out if his sisters also perished in the fire; because the family has not heard from them since their last message.

Reports in the media have revealed that; five bodies were burned beyond recognition; leaving only DNA test results as an option to identify the bodies. This could help Mkhize confirm if those are his relatives.

Mkhize revealed that; he travelled by taxi with just the clothes on his back; to attend the mass memorial for the victims; after being instructed by his family; to do so.

Mkhize said; his sisters; had been on their way home to KwaZulu-Natal; when the incident happened.
The Gauteng Department of Social Development; have offered to assist Mkhize to find shelter; in order to remain in Gauteng; to look for his sisters.

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