RIP His Best Friend allegedly Killed & Burry Him In a Hole After He Promised Him a Teaching Job

RIP His Best Friend allegedly Killed & Burry Him In a Hole After He Promised Him a Teaching Job

Lindelani Sithole- name and surname of the deceased.

One thing about friendships is that they are full of betrayal and envy. It is true when they say the only person who will love you genuinely and unconditionally is your mother. The rest you should never trust. People will love you and help you only when it benefits them. Most friendships are full of pretending and claiming to love each other while there’s no love. We have heard so many people crying that they are betrayed by their own friends.

We all know that friends are usually basic, but what happened in the story of Lindelani Sithole is painful. I am Lindela, an unemployed graduate who has a teaching degree. One day, his friend, with whom they went to the same school and university, called him and told him to come to Nelspruit. He had found him a job. He said he must come with R1500 for a bribe since there was favour for him to find that job. Lindelani was so happy and couldn’t stop praising his friend for such a great favour.

He told his family and they borrowed money so that he could go get his job. After several days, the family started to be worried because Lindelani was no longer getting back to them and his phone was off. They then decided to call the school principal of the school where the friend said he found him a job at. The principal denied it and said there was no post at that school. The family got more worried and called the police to report a missing person case. A case was opened, and police went to the friend’s house and found no one. They then kicked the door and found a pool of blood and an exe. While they were still there, they noticed that there was a hole next to a toilet, only to find that Lindelani was killed with an exe and buried in a shallow hole. The friend is nowhere to be found.


The poor man may have even prayed to God to bless his friend, not realizing that there was no job, only a plot to kill him.To my brothers and sisters out there, trust no one. People are evil out there. They will smile at you while they are planning your death. May his soul rest in peace.


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