This Was His Last Moment Before He Got Killed, Leader Of Operation Dudula RIP

This Was His Last Moment Before He Got Killed, Leader Of Operation Dudula RIP

It’s still hard to believe, and for some people, it feels like they’re living through a nightmare, with the hope that they’ll one day wake up and find out that it was all a dream. It’s still hard to believe that it happened. The news of the demise of a member of Operation Dudula has left a huge number of people distraught and in a state of shock. Operation Dudula is a South African vigilante group that opposes the presence of foreigners in their country. Its principal objective is to ensure that non-South Africans do not benefit from opportunities that are intended solely for citizens of South Africa. The fact that more foreigners are continuing to be hired in the country despite the fact that South Africans continue to suffer from a shortage of work prospects is not sitting well with the people.

Leaders of Operation Dudula travel throughout the country to various regions in search of illegal immigrants and to investigate businesses that are suspected of employing illegal immigrants. Since it began functioning, a large number of non-locals have been detained, and a large number of companies that are controlled by non-locals have been forced to close their doors. As a result of all of this, individuals from other countries have been threatening Operation Dura, stating that one day they will fight back and defend themselves.

Reports indicate that on Friday, a member of the Zimbabwean gang known as ” Thobejane ” was responsible for the shooting death of a member of the Operation Dudula group. The information has an utterly devastating effect on the family, and it won’t be an easy journey for them to move on from here. People were left feeling a great deal of hatred and hostility toward Zimbabweans as a result of this.

Following that, one of the leaders of the operation Durula uploaded a video of the last moment they had with the member who was shot and murdered. In the video, he was shown performing songs about battling against adversity in a very agonizing manner. His singing is beautiful, and his voice has such a pleasant tone to it. They had no idea that this was the very last moment that they would spend with him. Little did they know. This video moved the hearts of a lot of people, and condolences poured in for both the family and the team working on Operation Dudula after it was shared.


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