A 5-year-old child slept on the lap of their murdered mother thinking she was just sleeping

A 5-year-old child slept on the lap of their murdered mother thinking she was just sleeping

A child totally unaware that his mother had been shot dead and he thought she was just sleeping.

It is reported that gunmen stormed into their home and opened fire.

Siyabulela Takuta and his wife, Zimkhitha, both 36, were in their Bikana Street home when four people entered the house and shot them on Monday night.

The incident sent shock waves in their community.

Ayanda, Takuta’s older brother, said when the woman’s knocks on the front door went unanswered, she entered the house and found Zimkhitha still seated on the couch, where she had been watching TV the night before.

On closer inspection, she discovered Zimkhitha had a wound to the head, covered in dry blood.

In the bedroom, she found Takuta lying on the bed, also covered in blood.

“She ran out crying, calling for assistance,” Ayanda said.

While the police said they were yet to determine the motive for the murders, members of both families pointed to an alleged family feud over the Bikana Street property as a possible motive.

The double murder has shocked the close-knit family, friends and neighbours.

Ayanda said both families were devastated by the death of his brother and sister-in-law.

When a Herald team arrived at the house yesterday, several women were seated on couches, packing clothes as per Xhosa tradition and preparing to clean the house.

One of the aunts broke down and sobbed.

“We are sad, we are devastated,” she said.

“A lot of things are going through our heads. What happened? How did it happen?”

Ayanda was met by scores of onlookers as he arrived at the house later on Tuesday morning.

The police had advised the family against viewing the bodies as their injuries were too gruesome.

“We are still grieving and it’s not easy,” Ayanda said.

“We are still imagining those graphic pictures of their injuries and we are still dealing with the trauma.”

Ayanda said Zimkhitha had been watching TV with her five-year-old son and his two friends, aged five and seven, when the four armed intruders entered the house and shot her in the head before shooting her husband in the bedroom.

The little boy climbed onto his mother’s lap, where he sat, believing that she had simply fallen asleep.

Ayanda described his brother, a SPAR supermarket manager, as a “loving, funny guy who loved everybody”.


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