RIP Final year student sadly passed away in a tragic way

RIP Final year student sadly passed away in a tragic way

When living our lives everyday, we plan our future and work towards our goals and aspirations everyday. At some point every one dreamt of being something one day. Every one dreams but not everyone achieves thier dreams.

Dreams are achieved by those who are will to work hard and fight for them to become a reality. Not knowing when our lives will end becomes a trick, because a person may work hard all their life to become something in the future and not live long enough to be what they dream of.

Like 24 year-old Kaylynne Damonze, a final year Education student, she never lived long enough to realize her dreams and aspirations. Kaylynne passed away tragically, she was involved in a fatal car accident.

According to KEEP THE ENERGY, She was a passenger of a vehicle when the vehicle driver lost control and drove into a rock near Bakoven, Cape Town and sadly met her tragic death.

Kaylynne was a big dreamer, she aspired to be a CEO of a cosmetic and clothing line while teaching in the foundation phase.

Car accidents account to many deaths in the country. Many car accidents are reportedly caused by driving under the influence of Alcohol and reckless driving, causing fatal and permanent damage.

Road users are constantly advised to be careful on the road. Drive sober and remember to observe and obey the rules of the road, the road is a shared space and driving recklessly does not only put one person’s life at risk, it puts everyone who is using the road, including passengers at risk.

Kaylynne was very young and had so much to achieve, now all her dreams and aspirations are permanently put on hold.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

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