Mzansi Amazed By Madongwe’s Age

Mzansi Amazed By Madongwe’s Age

Madongwe’s real name is Zama Magubane and on the Uzalo soapie she look older and the truth is Madongwe is below 40. She has been given a role to play as mother to Lily and Aunty to Ninja and Njeza. In real life she is married to Mr Msibi and they have 3 children. Maydongwe was born in 1983 she is 38 years old. If you look at her pictures you will see lot of difference. At Uzalo she is little bit old and in real life she is look young. It is because of how they dress her on Uzalo.

She is a lovely woman and she loves her family. Though the children normally do not like taking her advices. She was married to Mbatha who was using her for his selfish reasons. She managed to come out of the toxic marriage and she went back home. In most cases how you dress play a huge role. Just because you are big it does not mean that you should look old. There are people who are big and they can dress their bodies perfectly.

Dress your body According to your body type and your age. Madongwe is still young and most of her pictures can attest to that. In most cases when you have young you can buy anything to make your skin to remain young. Though when you have no money there is nothing that you can do.


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