RIP Brothers: Two Best Friends Were Found Dead After they Were Missing: See How they were Killed

RIP Brothers: Two Best Friends Were Found Dead After they Were Missing: See How they were Killed

Just when we thought we were trying by all means to stop the killing of men and women, there seems to be another attack on men. In the past few weeks, there have been several men who went missing, and later on, they were found dead. A few days ago, there was a trending story about the principal’s son who was found dead with a knife stuck in his chest in Limpopo. Today there is another trending story about two best friends who have been missing for several days.

After Xoli Skhahla and Desmond Nkuna were reported missing on November 26, their families and friends began a frantic search for them. Xoli Skhahla and Desmond Nkuna were friends. The two individuals were last detected using a black City Golf with the license plate number NYR 489 GP. Nkuna lives in Burgersdorp, which is located in Nduna Nwanyandzana in the Greater Tzaneen region. His home is in the Savannah neighborhood of the Vaal district, and he works at the FNB Bank City in Johannesburg. Since Saturday, no one has been able to get in touch with them, according to her sister, Tinyiko Nkuna.

It was unfortunate that the family didn’t find what they were hoping to find; according to the reports, the families of a man from Burgersdorp and his companion who went missing have been left in utter despair following an exhaustive search. The bodies of Xoli Skhahla and Desmond Nkuna, both of whom had gunshot wounds, were discovered on Tuesday afternoon at the government morgue in Sebokeng.



It is evident that they were killed, but the motive for their killings has not yet been found. Those who knew these two guys attested that indeed they were good people, and no one ever thought they could wake up to hear about their deaths. No one has been taken into custody following their death, and police are seeking the public’s help in finding the culprits.


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