A woman needs help as she fears for her life because of what her father does to her

A woman needs help as she fears for her life because of what her father does to her

The term “gender-based violence” encompasses any forms of physical or sexual abuse committed against a person because of their gender. Patriarchal institutions, power dynamics, and damaging social norms are the foundation on which this issue rests.

When it comes to people’s health and safety, gender-based violence (GBV) is a major problem in the world today. An estimated one-third of all women may encounter sexual or physical violence at some point in their lifetimes. Women and girls have a far increased risk of encountering gender-based violence during times of displacement and disaster (GBV).

Despite claims that violence against women is among the most serious violations of human rights, the issue does not appear to be given the attention it deserves. Some women are in constant danger for their safety, yet are too afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. In fact, those accountable are shielded from legal repercussions.

Sthandwa, a woman, said her father’s abuse had been tweeted about. The woman poured her heart out about the following: Truth be told, my dad is a rather violent guy. My mom was a victim of his beatings, and now I’m the one taking the beatings. When I went out alone, he tried to kill me, hence I need your help. I’m frightened he and his cronies will punish me if I report this to the police. True story: he tried to kill me. I pretended to pass out so he’d stop bothering me. My mom is used to it and thinks it’s great, but I refuse to join the ranks of the abused in any way. Kindly assist me. In all honesty, I’m at a loss for words. I felt threatened, so I fled away from home.
The woman is suffering greatly because she is unable to stop her abusive father from continuing to exert his dominance over her, and since the individuals whose responsibility it is to safeguard her are doing nothing to stop him. Because of this, more and more women are being murdered. People usually just disregard them, so that’s what happens when there are problems like these. There should be no more deaths of women at the hands of men; please help if you can.

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