RIP ANC Dali Mpofu Reacts As 214 ANC MPs Vote Against Panel Report

RIP ANC Dali Mpofu Reacts As 214 ANC MPs Vote Against Panel Report


Advocate Dali Mpofu who is also a former national chairperson for the Economic Freedom Fighters reacted with “RIP ANC” after 214 of it’s members of parliament voted no to the adoption of section 89 report.

These ANC members of parliament shielded president Cyril Ramaphosa from being held accountable. Dali Mpofu said this signifies the death of the ANC, as the movement is defending elements of corruption.

Opposition parties garnered 140 votes in favour of the adoption of the section 89 report which sought to hold president Cyril Ramaphosa accountable. These numbers from the opposition were however not enough as ANC made use of its majority vote and rejected the independent panel report.

Critics however asked why Dali Mpofu is concerned that the ANC is dying if it can be a good thing for the EFF. Mpofu has been arguing that the once glorious movement is dying a painful death.

“Why are you hurt that it’s dying? You should be rejoicing for it will be beneficial to the EFF. I can feel that you’re consoling yourself since it’s now obvious that there’s no possibility that Cyril Ramaphosa can be impeached.

After a long marathon of actions which were aimed at destabilising Cyril Ramaphosa, you’ve now reached a point of accepting defeat,” they said.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema said president Cyril Ramaphosa must be ashamed of himself to have allowed his party to undermine the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Section 89 was established by parliament with the nod of ANC as well. Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane is being subjected to the same process, but ANC on Ramaphosa went against it. Malema said this clearly undermines the constitution.

“Mr President you should be ashamed, that you have become the enemy of what for so long defined your legacy,” said Julius Malema.

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