TOUCHING RIP She Committed Suicide After She Was Allegedly Raped By a Zimbabwean Teacher

TOUCHING RIP She Committed Suicide After She Was Allegedly Raped By a Zimbabwean Teacher

A school is supposed to be a place where we all know that children are safe and nothing will harm them, but in the modern society that we live in, it seems like there’s no safe place for children. Just a few weeks ago, there was a trending story of a boy who beat himself up at school after he was accused of sexually abusing one of his schoolmates. Just a few days ago, there was a trending story of a deputy principal who got beaten by the community after he was caught sleeping with a student. Although they might have agreed, it is against the law for a teacher to have a personal relationship with a learner; it is regarded as rape.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, there is another trending story of a learner who decided to take her life after she was allegedly sexually abused by her teacher. According to the reports, a 14-year-old learner by the name of Thando from Imbali combined in an orange farm She committed suicide. On Monday, after being sexually abused by a teacher, according to reports, the victim became pregnant. It is said that her friends attested that before she committed suicide, she had been crying that her teacher had raped her.

What makes this story even more upsetting is that the teacher is a Zimbabwean. People have been calling for the employment of foreigners to come to an end, but they are not being listened to. How can a person who just came to this country be trusted with children? Zimbabweans continue to make our lives a nightmare; we can barely go a day without hearing about the evil things done by a Zimbabwean.

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After this was posted on social media, people were very upset. They don’t want this teacher to be arrested; they say the community must deal with him on its own because South African law is very weak. Another pandemic that we have in this country is people who always criticize and do not trust victims. Thando might have committed suicide because she knew no one would trust her. May your soul rest in peace, baby girl.


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