OPINION Mapitsi’s Wedding Will End In Tears. Here Is Why

OPINION Mapitsi’s Wedding Will End In Tears. Here Is Why

The plot follows the lives of the citizens of Turfloop as they confront everyday hardships and tribulations as they work their way up the success ladder.

The show premiered in October of 2011. It has now become one of South Africa’s most popular dramas. It’s a favorite with TV viewers of all ages because it puts teenagers in adult situations. Its foundation of adolescent maturation also distinguishes it from competitor soap operas.

The wedding of Thabo Maputla and Mmapitsi Magongwa has finally taken place. Skeem Saam revealed on their social media profiles that the couple will marry on August 31, 2021.

The two have faced numerous challenges on their path to starting a happy family in the months leading up to their wedding. The lobola negotiations were not easy since the Magongoas demanded a high price for their daughter.

Mmapitsi then accepted an internship in Johannesburg, which required her to leave Turf for a time. This put a halt to their preparations. That didn’t last long, as she battled to balance school, parenthood, and wedding planning.

They had no idea what was in store for them. John Maputla and Mmantuli’s long-buried secret began to haunt them once more. To make a long tale short, Pretty began to doubt her paternity and persuaded her siblings to undergo a DNA test with her. Unfortunately, Kwaito’s findings did not mirror those of his siblings. This set him on a quest to discover who his biological father is. After a desperate and traumatic quest, he discovered that his biological father is John Maputla, implying that he and T’ Bose are siblings.

Kwaito, according to my theory, will not be able to tolerate the sight of Meikie at T’ Bose’s wedding. He may not be present at the event, but they are neighbors. We suppose he will shoot Meikie during T’Bose and Mmapitsi’s wedding. Weddings in Maptutla never end nicely. We don’t have to tell you what transpired at Leeto and Mokgadi’s wedding.

Mogau, who plays Mmapitsi in the educative drama, resorted to social media to brag about her mother. She went on to say that they could sit for hours and speak about everything and everything.

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