R.I.P: Another ANC Heavyweight Assassinated Outside Her Home

R.I.P: Another ANC Heavyweight Assassinated Outside Her Home


Gauteng Health’s Chief Financial Officer Babita Deokaran, was gunned down outside her home on Monday. She was a witness in the SIU’s investigation into Diko’s PPE corruption case.

Apparently, all evidence points to the African National Congress top official because it makes sense that they don’t want to be implicated in tender irregularities and subsequently hunted down and imprisoned.

Many people are just wondering to themselves what exactly is going on in the African National Congress especially the murder of individuals because it seems completely unreasonable for these people to be killing one another, right now this woman is assassinated and the only thing that is connecting her to any kind of crime or unlawful behaviour is the fact that she’s a witness to one of the most criminally implicating cases.


Then ANC has been known to use assassins and the police to perpetrate their criminal activities this is not the first time, a report even came out earlier this month implicating the South African Police Services in several assassinations of African National Congress members.

So it is something that makes you wonder what is going on this time that they even took out one of their members in Cold Blood, while the whole country knows exactly that she’s involved as a witness to tender corruption.

Some ANC individuals don’t care about the law anymore, that they will kill whoever they want to kill without feeling any shame.

Many people are wondering why isn’t anything being done about these killings because they reduce investor confidence in the country, if the leaders are killing one another there’s no guarantee that whatever business deal they might think of is going to be sustainable and it’s going to be successful.

There is no stability in the country as many leaders are getting killed and most of the leaders are being implicated in tender irregularities and crime, no one can believe that the country has a future and is subsequently eating away at the economy of the country.

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