Mnakwethu.. See what Viewers noticed on last night episode

Mnakwethu.. See what Viewers noticed on last night episode


Tonight’s episode left viewers angered as they witnessed young people who lack ambition, who can a 25-year-old man who have even figured his life and works at a restaurant be married to 23-year-old and they already have a son. As that is not enough he now wants to take another second wife who is 22-years-old and ship get to the village so she can become the primary caregiver for his old parents. Its so sad that some women are willing to live their lives just to serve men, this last is still young it seems she doesn’t have goals nor dreams she want to achieve which is why she agreed to be a village wife. While other woman are striving for sucess6 and reaching their goals there are other women who thinks that getting married is an achievement which very sad, considering that the man can’t even afford the first wife so how will he afford the second one.

The lady said she is sacrificing herself to move to the village and be a helper, some people have given up in life. She is so young yet she lack ambition, what will staying in the village and be a helper do for her because she just simply being used. Who on earth would agree to get in a marriage just to he helper? Relationships are not about that its clear that this lady is still young to think like a matured person. These girls must stop calling these boys “oBaba” that is why they think they are superior in their relationships, don’t they have names.

You can still show respect to your partner even if you address them with their name. These are just boys this ‘Baba’ tittle is just exaggerated, yes you can call your partner “Baba or Mama” but you must also look at the age as well man. The man is only 25 yet he thinks he deserves a second wife, I’m not judging anyone here, I’m just concerned about the reason of putting himself into the polygamy with the reason he makes no sense especially at their one is judging, but if that’s how you see it make it your problem, not mine.

The girl 22, should be looking at achieving something, going out with friends, travelling enjoying life, she wants to get married to a poor man and go stay at home with inlaws.

Her dream is to go back to the village and help out the future husbands’ parents because they are old and struggling, she made it clear.

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