No way The age difference between Dumi Mkokstad and his wife will leave you in shock

No way The age difference between Dumi Mkokstad and his wife will leave you in shock

Many people consider age when they fall in love, particularly in the black community. They believe that a man must have at least a 5-10 year age gap to have a balanced relationship. Dumi Mkokstad is a gospel song from the country of South Africa, and it is called Dumi Mkokstad. The city of Pietermaritzburg, in the district of Kwazulu-Natal, is where he was born and raised. The nine-year-old Dumi began singing at the age of nine. After 19 years in the music industry, he will be eligible for retirement in 2020. With his music, the Crown Gospel Winner musician has earned an impressive amount of gold and platinum, especially considering his young age.

Dumi had taken the country by storm the previous year when he tied the knot with a lovely physician by the name of Ziphozenkosi Mthembu. This was completely unexpected considering Dumi was never spotted with her before. His wife, Ziphozenkosi, was born in 1994, two years after Dumi’s birth, putting them at a two-year age difference. He will be 29 when the year 2021 begins, and his spouse will be 27 when the year begins. They appear to be in their twenties, but they appear to be a few years older than their true age would indicate.



Many people were surprised to learn their ages and thought they were still in their mid-30s rather than their twenties based on their appearance and wardrobe preferences, as well as the assumption that they had been married at such an early age.

In My analysis, Dumi Mkokstad and Zipho are perfectly match for each other despite the age gap. And it is a good thing according to my analysis to marry someone closer to your age in order to correlate and build a good relationship together.

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