Moms please check your BABIES before living the hospital look what a mother found on her babys head

Moms please check your BABIES before living the hospital look what a mother found on her babys head

Mothers are special and they will do anything to protect their kids, they will go the extra mail to make sure their kids are safe and ok at all times. When it comes to their kid’s mothers worry about everything and it doesn’t matter how small the issue is they worry and some people won’t understand but it comes naturally, it’s in their nature.

There’s nothing painful like carrying a child for 9 months and only to find out that there’s something wrong with the baby but all along when you were pregnant nothing was wrong, everything was just fine. it’s always wise for a mother to check their babies before living the hospital because accidents happen.

A LADY BY THE NAME OF NEOHOUW DIEGH MOGALE who is a mother of a newborn baby took to social media and shared In a group called pregnant ladies support group the fear she had after seeing a BUMP on her baby’s head when she got home. Her biggest fear was probably that something could’ve happened that got her baby looking like that, she then decided to go back to the hospital and ask what was on her baby’s head? she was told it’s nothing serious the baby got that as the mother was pushing while in labor, she doesn’t have to worry it will go away in a few days to come.

How do you tell a mother who is worried who seeing something she has never seen on her baby’s head before that she doesn’t have to worry, it’s normal to have that when giving birth because it’s in their nature mothers worry. It’s hard to trust nurses sometimes because mistakes happen, and no one will say what happened for real as they might be protecting their jobs.

Some people on social media were not pleased by this, l even though some mothers tried to explain that yes it’s normal, but some were not convinced they thought the baby was dropped, and she should go back to the hospital and get the baby checked rather than tell her its normal. while others say they hurt babies when they pull them that’s why that baby has that bump.

As people who go through different experiences in life, it’s always good to ask when you don’t understand something more especially when it comes to babies because they are fragile, the baby might look normal at first and later experience some complications. Therefore there’s nothing wrong when a mother asks something that concerns her baby.

When it comes to this matter no one knows what might have happened for real for that baby to end up having that bump. Therefore if anyone has any knowledge about this matter please share your experience with others, this might probably help a mother out there.

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