Meet Skomota from Limpopo who won 3million on betway and met his soulmate same day Check him

Meet Skomota from Limpopo who won 3million on betway and met his soulmate same day Check him

A 38-year-old man from Limpopo won 3 million from betway and he found his soulmate on the same day after he collected his money.

A well-known man from Limpopo left people with stomach pains (laughing) after he won 3 million from betway and find his soulmate immediately. People around Limpopo know this man very well because there is no ceremony you won’t find him when he is at the wedding he eats like nobody else business. Well, some people think he has mental problems will others think he just likes to joke a lot.

When he is at your wedding make sure you give him food so that he can entertain people with jokes, he doesn’t want money from strangers, he only asks for money from those he knows. He doesn’t even ask a lot of money, all he will say to you he will just say “Mmata Mphe R5 Mowe, Ah Mmata Dira Plan.” Skomota is a nice guy who loves to associate with people and he doesn’t have a problem with anyone because he doesn’t hold grudges. If you fight him today don’t think tomorrow he will still be angry with you, he forgives and forgets life goes on.

Skomota loves soccer a lot and he will be like ” Today Reya Wilna Mmata, Jwalo Redi Beya Jwang” even at Hollywood, Topbet they know him he always goes there and bet. Many people might know him from social platforms because when people are with him they like to take him videos as he is always funny, and where he is people always laugh. When Skomota talks about him being rich one day people were laughing at him and telling him to relax because poverty is within him.

Skomota love to say those words to other people does why they return his words to him. Even after they say that to him he won’t mind je will just laugh and say “Mmata Roja Kae Nama This week,” he will laugh at you if you tell him that Ramaphosa Canceled weddings and we won’t eat beef anymore. But he will just tell you that he will buy himself a whole cow and eat it alone when and get satisfied if he could get money.

When you’re with Skomota there is no way that you will go home with a sad face, because Skomota always finds a better way to make you laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing, but you will end up seeing yourself laughing and forgetting all of your problems.

Skomota after winning his fortune money started to change his dress code and he was teaming up with Team Delela and Moruti Gucci, he was competing there and wearing expensive clothes and going to expensive places.

The lady who assisted Skomota with his cash out on betway, literally asked him if he is married and Skomota said Single and happy, the cashier told Skomota that she has been single for over 4 years because of her last boyfriend cheated on him twice and he was bullying her.

Out of a nice heart, Skomota told the lady that she was so beautiful and she didn’t deserve all those bad things if she dated him none of that could have happened, from things getting to one another and numbers being exchanged the lady didn’t even wait for her shift to end, she left 2 hours before her knocking off. Skomota was waiting for her outside and they went home together where Skomota introduced his good news of winning 3 million from Betway and a beautiful lady. People laughed and thought maybe Skomota was joking because he always jokes, but they asked themselves how come he scored this beautiful lady.

The next day Skomota found another beautiful lady from his village and when the news started to trend she was just scoring all the beautiful girls in the village, they all came running to him, some just wanted to take pictures with him while others Wanted him.

People around Limpopo were still looking for Skomota after she left with his soulmate to Gauteng and chowed his money, it was something else for them to believe that Skomota was in a relationship and left them like that. Skomota’s friends said “We used to live with Skomota under that big tree near the mountain, we used to play dice there and share jokes. Skomota loved to tell us jokes about girls, most thing Skomota loved was eating beef at weddings, he would tell you that eating at home alone, isn’t delicious like when you’re in a crowded place with people.

“One day guys we will be rich like them, don’t worry let’s keep on pushing, he would say they motivate your Mmata when he sees other young boys driving fancy cars and passing us as if they don’t see us. Skomota was just a friendly person and he doesn’t have a problem with anyone, what I pray and wish for him is to get protected and be safe wherever he is. Another thing he must be careful with girls otherwise after 5 years he will come and sit with us under this tree again and share jokes like before. ”

People truly change when they get money, sometimes you might ask yourself if is money that makes people change or does the life we are supposed to leave is just that we are poor so we won’t see the real us. Skomota shows happiness with his soulmate at Gauteng and he promises her life and death, she takes her to fancy restaurants and taverns, life is good and everything is under control nothing to worry about for now.

“We miss him so much because when he was around the day was short, he would Crack a hot joke, and all of us would laugh until we dropped tears, we didn’t want his money and we wanted time with him because there is a lot to gain from a person than his money, “Said Those.

All those who know Skomota will tell you that he was a nice and funny man, if you know him well please drop his favorite word. Don’t forget to share and like, follow me for more updates on our best friend Skomzozo.

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