Skeem Saam: Kat And Glenda An Item. We Never Saw It Coming

Skeem Saam: Kat And Glenda An Item. We Never Saw It Coming

On SABC 1’s educational drama Skeem Saam, you never know what to expect. Glenda Mogotsi and Katlego Peterson appear to be starting a new romance. They’ve been spending a lot of time together recently, and many have seen a spark between the two. We’re not sure if they’ve noticed it yet.

Given that Glenda is Kwaito’s ex, this could have a negative impact on their brotherhood. Zamo got caught up in a love triangle involving Glenda and Elizabeth Thobakgale. Following Glenda’s ruse to have Lizzy fired from Turf Hospital, Kwaito realized her for what she truly is and determined to go after Lizzy. Unfortunately for him, Elizabeth looks to have moved on. With her own life.

This connection will be complicated further by the fact that Kat dated Kwaito’s younger sister Pretty while he was in a relationship with Glenda, so they have some history. She is more like his ex’s older sister. This will irritate Pretty, who has been attempting to reclaim Kat.

Mmapisti dislikes her as well, and has been attempting to get rid of her from her residence. This could have an impact on their relationship, but only time will tell.

Nozi Langa, a talented actress and businesswoman, plays Glenda. She proposed in May of this year and flaunted her magnificent ring on social media. The celebrity has also been working hard on her summer figure and sharing her progress with her fans.

“This summer body isn’t going to cook itself!” She made a post. “My personal trainer and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer so we can show off!” Mama Motshidi Mint, I appreciate your patience. Summer is coming, hot girl! Don’t fall behind! I hope you’re working hard to achieve your fitness objectives.

“My problem is that I’ve been saying since the beginning of winter that I want to go to the gym to get a six-pack, but I realize that it’s nearly halfway through autumn and I still haven’t acquired my six-pack,” Clement explained.

Pasi informed him that if he drew the abs, they would come closer to him. “I constantly encourage my clients that if they want something but can’t do it at the right time, they should draw it. This is something I constantly tell my client.”

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