Lindiwe Sisulu Does Her Job In Kwa Zulu Natal

Lindiwe Sisulu Does Her Job In Kwa Zulu Natal

Finally| Lindiwe Sisulu Does Her Job In Kwa Zulu Natal

Date: 2021/11/05

It’s a relieving moment to finally find out that the residents that receive water from the Umgemi reservoir in Kwa Zulu natal, finally, have proper water and sanitation to live a clean healthy life after more than two million households were reported to not have clean water for days now.

The minister of water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu was sleeping on the matter and not doing the correct amount of work to support the people of Kwa Zulu Natal in those challenging times, not having water for a day is a long time so when Lindiwe Sisulu showed up as a champion it means the matter was getting out of hand.

The South African president once got Cuban engineers to come to help out with what is going on with our water and sanitation because our engineers could not identify where the problems were without the system the way it is already.

KZN is a big province with a lot of people not having water could change the entire mood of the whole civilized society as we know it, it could be a matter of national security, but better now that Lindiwe did her job in the family business which is the government of South Africa.

She is also going to run to become president two years from now in Mangaung as she believes Cyril Ramaphosa is not necessarily the right candidate for the job he is doing, but she is yet to disclose the nitty gritty why she thinks she will do a better job, as Cyril still the president after all. Respect is very important in politics, they live on that rule more especially the dying African National Congress which will slide below 50% in the next elections as Mashaba is on the rise to fix Gauteng like it is broken.


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