Leaked Emails showing Ramaphosa exchanging MILLIONS of RANDS with his allies are haunting him now

Leaked Emails showing Ramaphosa exchanging MILLIONS of RANDS with his allies are haunting him now

Corruption prevails in South Africa. It is a norm for government officials to work for their pockets instead of people. Corruption existed during the Jacob Zuma era and it perpetuates with Cyril Ramaphosa. To date no clean government official can be found. If top leaders practice occupation, then their servants will dance to the same tune.

Following Ramaphosa’s position in the State Capture investigation again on Thursday, EFF initiated a conference call to ensure that the bank account records of his CR17 bank statements were unlocked.

In a document presented to the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, the party’s lawyer argued that Sardiwala believed that he could not prove that the access to the records was incorrect. See the source image

The judge further determined that, outside of justice, the records repeatedly used by Ramaphosa’s opponents without actual supporting evidence indicated that he had committed the corruption that he promised to eradicate and therefore could not guarantee the disclosure of these records.

Sardiwalla found that EFF “does not promote any public or private papers, which will be publicly disclosed to offset the personal dangers faced by all parties involved in the CR17 campaign and its activities.” EFF’s attorneys claimed that this decision was clearly wrong. See the source image

Therefore, there is no legal basis for treating CR17 campaign contributions as a personal benefit of Ramaphosa. However, the EFF insisted that the CR17 bank statements must be disclosed, which was part of a confidential report from the Center for Financial Intelligence obtained by Mkhwebane during her CR17 investigation.

He argued that Ramaphosa and his campaign manager did not provide any evidence to prove why the records should be sealed. He also argued that if Ramaphosa was trying to seal the records, he should purchase the “ substantive application” to have that right.

Revealed Confidential information.CR17 LEAKED EMAILSImage

A leaked email from the core of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s successful 2017 ANC presidential campaign revealed the names of some of his potential donors and undermined Ramaphosa’s relationship with the fact that the defensive sponsor has some relationship.

Multiple pictures of emails that were exchanged from Ramaphosa and some of his colleagues are revealed. The likes of Pravin Gordon. There is a lot of money involved in these emails, whereby Ramaphosa was pulling some requests unexpectedly. These emails are now shown to the public once more to support that Ramaphosa might not be telling the truth at the Commission when he keeps on saying that he does not know where the funds came from, and failing to unseal them over and over again.WATCH LIVE: Ramaphosa returns to the hot seat at Zondo Commission (citizen.co.za)

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