Car Hijackers Latest Trick Exposed see how they Hijacked this polo)

Car Hijackers Latest Trick Exposed see how they Hijacked this polo)

Although the car hijack and theft syndicates has always been daily bread in South Africa especially to those driving VW polo cars.l GTI’s and so on. It seems like the guys behind this hijack syndicates are now taking their game to the next level and one can tell with certainty that okay a lot of things won’t be the same after all these.

For example, let me take you through what the car Hijackers did to a guy driving a bolt car. Have a look at the car in the attached pic below.




So now what happened is that a man called the driver of this bolt for a ride from South way to Ispingo. When the driver gave his passage the ride as requested, the passager pretended to be on call talking to a girlfriend he was to meet with at the destination he requested.

So when they got there the driver got pointed with guns and now the car was forcefully taken away from him (hijacked) this is bad right? Well according to my perspective what these Hijackers just did on this man might get worse than this, let me tell you how

We all know that people get kidnapped day and night and in most of those kidnapping incidents the victim is usually forcefully taken inside the car even in public spaces. So now that Hijackers has found ways to lure their victims into hidden spaces where they can run their missions without any disturbances, don’t you think guys who kidnap might copy this trick?

I mean criminals don’t like doing their thing in public spaces but in most situations they just do so because they usually do not have choices, So now that on this one there seems to be choices what do you think is to happen here? Please leave some comments below.

While you are on that, please do lookout for the polo you saw on the pic attached above. If you happen to see it do not hesitate to call the police please.Do not look for that one only but for this ones in the pics below as well.See pics

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