King Mswati killed Hillary Gardee”, Godrich makes serious accusations

King Mswati killed Hillary Gardee”, Godrich makes serious accusations

The murder of Hillary Gardee is getting deeper and deeper by the day. Hillary was murdered around April after she had been kidnapped. One of her suspected murderers is a Swaziland national who was a member of PUDEMO. Just after Hillary was murdered, speculation was rife that King Mswati had a hand in the murder. The Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, last week issued an order that the case must be prioritised, and the Hawks must assist the investigation.

Gardee is now confirming the speculations. In a Twitter post with #KingMswatiKilledHillary, Gardee dropped bombshell, saying it was King Mswati who killed his daughter, Hillary. Godrich Gardee says the shoddy investigation by SA Police Service is influenced by Eswatini Government to avoid diplomatic fallout. He shared a video clip of what we he said about the plight of people of eSwatini on April 26 2016. Watch here . On the same date, 26 April 2022, Hillary was kidnapped. “Hillary is not a victim of common robbery crime”, Gardee said. He added that the refusal by SAPS to hand over the docket to The Hawks and the investigation to be led by Hawks is exactly to ensure that “we end with a cold case andtruth of Eswatini Government’s involvement is not unearthed.

Last year, Godrich Gardee led an EFF march which led to the blockage of the Ngwenya (Oshoek) and Golela border posts for six hours. The march was in solidarity with the Eswatini chapter of the party’s call for democracy and human rights. Again in April this year, Godrich Gardee, EFF secretary-general, addressed the crowd at the Ngwenya border, saying what they were doing was showing the king that “his days are numbered”. What Godrich is saying now are serious accusations against Mswati. If it is true that Hillary was killed by King Mswati then it would mean the murder was an act of vengeance. This will not be the first te Mswati was accused of threatening people questioning his dictatorship. Godrich Gardee must be careful as he may be targeted next.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of two of the three men accused of killing Hillary Gardee wants to subpoena her father, former EFF secretary-general Godrich Gardee. The lawyers are not happy with the investigation and they also believe the police have arrested the wrong people so they want to clear that out.

The police have not been transparent in this case. One cannot blame Gardee for suspecting that there are people in high places influencing the investigation. I agree with Gardee that the Hawks must take over the case so that no stone is left unturned. Heads must roll and whoever is involved must be brought to book. Justice needs to be served and the Gardee family must eventually find the closure they need.


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