67 foreigners arrested for the Krugersdorp incident

67 foreigners arrested for the Krugersdorp incident

In Krugersdorp, 67 people from Lesotho have been arrested for raping eight South African women. During a shootout with police, two more people were shot and killed.

Tonight, Police Minister Bheki Cele is in Krugersdorp. He is there because eight women were robbed and raped while making a music video. On Friday afternoon, 20 armed men in Basotho blankets and balaclavas from a gang raped Alex girls who were making a music video in Krugersdorp. It looks like the men shot into the air, told everyone to lie down, took the girls to a bush, and took turns raping them. Eight men raped a few girls.


During the short speech that Cele gave to the media, a woman from the Krugersdorp area just spoke on Newzroom. She says that gang rapes and terrorist acts by zama-zamas are common in West Village and that the police and government have done nothing to stop them. People in Krugersdorp have been telling the police about these illegal Basotho people who live underground in the mines. They say that these people walk around with AK-47s in broad daylight and that there are more of them than there are police.

Source:https://twitter.com/Newzroom405/status/1553077589731950592t=Vo3Zh0uP8Ggeio6Jy 4Rvg&s=19

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