Tears! Tembisa Protesters: Overpowered JMDP Cops Shoots Protestor Dead

Tears! Tembisa Protesters: Overpowered JMDP Cops Shoots Protestor Dead

South Africans are tired of living in a country where service delivery is something that is not happening as often as the citizens are expecting from the government, the roads are in poor conditions and they have potholes all over, electricity is always shedding, water is hardly there and the people have resorted in protesting against the government. People from townships in this country always take to the streets if they are not happy about something and it has turned into a norm, they protest burning tyres and blocking the roads to make sure that there is no car that passes and protests in Tembisa has gone wrong with one man gunned down.

Reports emerging suggests that a man was gunned down during the protests happening in Tembisa on Monday morning, this reportedly happened after a member of the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department shot one of the protesters dead.

According to reports, EMPD Spokesperson Kelebogile Thepa confirmed that the protesters outnumber and overpowered the metro cops who were at the scene trying to calm down the situation and the protesters overpowered the cops, one of them produced a service pistol and shot one of them dead.

“One man has been shot and killed in Tembisa allegedly by a metro police (EMPD). EMPD spokesperson Kelebogile Thepa confirmed to @ScrollaAfrica of the protester’s death. Thepa said the officials are overpowered by the protesters and all roads are closed in the area,” reports suggests.

A video that emerged on social media shows residents who were burning tyres and other objects blockading the roads when a Police Nyala arrived and gun shots were heard as people started running for their lives, the main reason for the protest is reportedly the high rates in the township, people feel they are overcharged and they want the rates to be lowered.

Source: https://twitter.com/i/status/1554005981494910980

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