Is Shoprite Scamming People? After Seeing This You will Never Use the “Xtra Saving” Card Again

Is Shoprite Scamming People? After Seeing This You will Never Use the “Xtra Saving” Card Again

If there’s one thing that you cannot separate African people from its sales. The moment we see the word “sale” on the product in-store we rush to buy even if we don’t really want the product. That’s how we were taught to save. But one of the most important things that we don’t consider is the difference between the original price and the alleged “sale” price. The sale tag doesn’t necessarily mean the price is reduced, it simply means the product is being sold. As black people, we take it as if it means the price is reduced.

Shoprite is exposed for how it has been brainwashing people to buy their products thinking that the price is reduced while it’s not. For those who buy their groceries at Shoprite, I’m sure they’re aware of the “Xtra Savings” card that is offered to Shoprite customers so that they can get reduced prices. That card is totally useless. It doesn’t always reduce the original prices. It is just a way of deceiving customers and it usually makes you pay more than the original price. See the exposed photos that prove that the Xtra Savings Card and sale tag at Shoprite doesn’t reduce the price:

Instead of reducing prices, the “extra saving” card increases them. After this was posted on social media, many people were angry, claiming that Shoprite was scamming people. See how people reacted after seeing this:

They are using the “sale” phrase to make people buy their products, hoping that the price will be reduced. Is this a scam? On some products, they even write “swipe your Xtra saving card and save R15” whereas the difference between the original price and the alleged new price is not the mentioned R15.

Before you buy anything that is said to be on sale or reduced price, first check the difference between the original amount and the alleged reduced price, especially on items that say “buy one get one free”, because in most cases, you end up paying more than the original price without using an Xtra saving card. After all my investigations and analysis, the Xtra Savings card usually increases the price and brainwashes you to make you feel like you have saved while you have just spent more money. Please share this with your elderly at home so they can be aware of what Shoprite is doing to us.

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