Hugo Broos got it Wrong Goal Difference Clarified

Hugo Broos got it Wrong Goal Difference Clarified

“Bafana” managed to utilize the free spaces against Zimbabwe effectively. When they utilized the free spaces they looked dangerous even though the match was not as exciting and intense as we expected it to be. When Broos did a post-match interview he did confirm that the players were not aggressive enough. He expected “Bafana” to play more with aggressive and high intensity but he is glad that they won. He also made an error by saying that Ghana needs to score 3 goals without a response from “Bafana” for them to go through.

“Bafana” is leading the group with 13 points. “Bafana” has a goal difference of +5, Ghana has a goal difference of +3.

I listened to a lot of analysts they also got it wrong they kept on saying Ghana has to win by 3-0 in order for them to go through. I don’t know maybe there too excited because of the win.

According to FIFA rules they prioritize goal difference first second away goal rules, number 3 head to head, a number of goals scored, and finally, a number of goals conceded as things stand goal scored will be prioritized. The two teams are seating on 6 goals scored. “Bafana” is considered 1 and Ghana 3.

When we look at the rules the reality is that if Ghana wins by 1-0 “Bafana” is out, as Ghana will be seating on 7 goals scored compared to 6 goals scored for “Bafana” if the national team gets a draw “Bafana” will progress.

If Ghana wins by 1-0 their goal difference will be +4. “Bafana will be reduced to +4 goal difference also. However remember “Bafana” won 1-0 at home, if Ghana wins 1-0 on Sunday. They will go through because they will have scored(7) compared to “Bafana”(6) who scored less.

“Bafana” still needs to work hard come Sunday. It won’t be an easy game like people initially thought. Hugo Boss men were supposed to at least score more goals against Zimbabwe to make life a bit difficult for Ghana.

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