Great news to all R35O applicants on August payment dates

Great news to all R35O applicants on August payment dates

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the nation on 25th July after the end of the extended lockdown prior to lockdown level 4. During the address, the president announced the reintroduction of the SRD relief grant, which was introduced before but ended in April 2021. The president announced that the grant for the unemployed Qualifying South Africa will continue until the following year, March 2022.

The grant was introduced with the aim of assisting the poor and unemployed during the pandemic. However, it was discontinued earlier this year. The president was reintroduced again due to the ongoing lockdown and the increase in unemployment rate in South Africa. Immediately after the announcement, the minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, started to work on the ground preparing for the first payment of the grant to the qualifying applicants.

The minister briefed the media on 5 August. She announced that the application process for everyone would open on the 6th. All deserving people, including the previous grant beneficiaries, will be allowed to apply. SASSA has introduced a new application process to avoid fraudulent activities they experienced with the previous grant.

During the address, the minister revealed that the payment for the grant will start this month August until March 2021. Minister Lindiwe Zulu also announced that the payment for August 2021 will be made during the last week of the month. That’s when approved applicants will expect their first payment.

The application status for August has already appeared on the side. Applicants are advised to check and track their status and paydates online to see whether they are approved or not. If they are approved, they can check their payment date.

In my opinion, I think the new application process is a good idea since caregivers are also allowed to apply. The new process will ease the fear of the beneficiaries since they will upload their banking details at Start. Because during the previous grant, people were sent to the post office and many were scared to change their bank account.

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